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Good Food, Great Atmosphere, Terrific Service
Huck's Mantra
Water Entry - Plenty of dock space for boaters

From Hucks towards River

Even the Mississippi Blue Cranes Love Hucks!
Lots of Decks for Parties
Land Entry - Welcome to Hucks!
Swinging Porch
Lots of Inside Dining (w/TV's)
Inside Bar Area
99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall .....
This is Todd enjoying Hucks Ambience!
NON-Smoking Area
Party Time at the Tiki Bar!
Lots of Shade at Hucks
Umbrellas Up!
The Good Food and atmosphere is evident ...
Happy Hour!
Dining in Style!
Dining with a View!
Ummmm!  Yummy!
Ummm!  Huck's Mohitos!!
Saturday Night Live Music
Dancin' the Night Away
Miller Lite Staffers
Angel w/the Gautier Fire Dept
No Fire!  Just Great Food!

Meet some of our Staff

Manager Zach
Manager Zach
Assnt. Manager Destiny

Huckett Ashley - thanks for coming back after Katrina

Huckett Josey
Derik, Casey & Zach
3 Huckateers~ Derik, Casey & Mgr. Zach


Happy Birthday ! !

Cheli Party 01
Fun in the No Smoking Section
Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl Cheli
Don & JoAnn
Don & JoAnn
Cheli, Don & JoAnn
Cheli and D&J
Happy Birthday, Cheli.  Thanks for spending your special day with us!!!
Friday Night at Hucks
DJ & Jo Ann
Mick & Wayne
Ken & Bunny

The following photos were sent to us by the Sand Dollar Motorcycle Club
of  Ft. Walton Beach, FL. 

Sand Dollar M/C 2003
Sand Dollar M/C 2006
Wow! What a party!
2004 Covey Award Winner
Covey Cups
Covey Award "Cups"
Hucks Table
Huck's Table at Award Ceremony
Best Local Hangout
Huck's Staff Accepting
"Best Local Hangout"
Best Burger
Jo Ann Accepting
"Best Burger"
Best Bar Award
Jo Ann Accepting
"Best Bar" Award
Jo Ann Thanking all
Jo Ann Thanking All
Who Voted for Hucks
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Covey Cups
Katrina 2006

Huck's reopening has been featured in in the February 26, 2006 issue of The Mississippi Press Business section and the March 10, 2006 • Marquee of the Sun Herald.   To read the articles in their entirety, please click on the links below.

The Mississippi Press, February 26, 2006, Gautier Restaurants Reopen
March 10, 2006 • Marquee, Huck's Cove is Back!