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Below is a timeline re the repair of Hucks. Click on the links above for photos.

September 2005 ~ Finally met with the insurance adjusters.  Thank you to all who emailed their concern about Hucks ~ it has meant a lot to us.  Will keep everyone posted here as to the status of rebuilding Hucks.

We've been cleaning and power washing and shoveling and hauling debris like crazy.  JoAnn learned that one does not power wash mud off one's own feet.  Is very depressing to see all the damage and try and contemplate all that must be done.  Dealing with the various agencies is frustrating but we have to be patient and realize that we are not alone.  It will be a very long time before the Mississippi Gulf Coast is "back to normal," if ever!

October 2005 ~ Things are progressing slowly.  The kitchen has been gutted and enlarged (much to Mark's delight), decks are being repaired and replaced.  No time frame for completion yet as we're doing most of the work ourselves.  It's very difficult finding a construction crew.  Thank goodness for family!  New photos have been posted Katrina photo pages.  Let us hear from you; we need all the encouragement we can get!
November/December 2005 ~ You can see by the November and December photos that the cleanup is done and progress is being made.  We may leave the pine straw line on the roof just to remind us of the power of Mother Nature.  We working hard altho we took off for family time Thanksgiving ~ Don and JoAnn got a new grandson on November 11 (JoAnn's birthday present) ~ and Christmas.  Work will resume after the holidays.  A very Merry Christmas to everyone and many thanks to all who have sent their best wishes.  Your kind thoughts are making all this hard work worthwhile.

January 2006 ~ We hope everyone had a terrific Christmas and that 2006 will be a good one for all of us. We're back to work repairing the damage and hope to make Hucks better than ever.  New kitchen equipment has been delivered as well as new chairs.  We're busy tiling the bar and kitchen area.  There is still much to do and at times it's almost overwhelming.  (We're too old for this!)  The Army Corps of Engineers has not yet started on debris removal for commercial properties so we called the City of Gautier and they came through for us (Gautier, The City that takes care of Business!). Thank you so very much Gautier and thank you Norman.

As you can see from the photos, we're making progress.  We need burgees if anyone would like to share!  Thanks for checking on us and be sure to watch for our reopening.

February 2006 ~ We're not going to put any more photos of the interior online as we want it to be a surprise for everyone when we reopen ~ which will be soon.  There may be some exterior photos now and then but we're concentrating on getting everything back up and running.  Hope to see everyone at Hucks soon!