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The Legend of Huck

Local legend has it that Huck washed ashore during the great hurricane of June 1609 near what is now the City of Gautier.  In order to survive, he built a shack for shelter and cooked his already "almost world" famous burgers.  It was an instant hit with the locals and he welcomed the French and Spanish explorers that happened by on their way to their great explorations and provided shelter and food for those lucky enough to stop in the area.

Not only did he feed the locals but he also taught them how to catch fish, crabs, shrimp, crawfish and make the local food supply into great meals.  Many of his guests traveled west and settled in the villages of New Orleans and Los Angeles only to start their own restaurants.   Huck generously helped them and thus the "almost world" famous burgers and the new Mississippi cuisine spread throughout the land.

Over the centuries, Huck is rumored to have invented many of today's modern technologies including the wheel, electricity, air conditioning, no see ums (a dubious invention at best), money, whiskey, lite beer, cigars, Visa cards and, of course, the world's (almost famous) "Huck's Burger."

FetchHuck's spirit still lives. Many evenings, customers can spot him sitting at the Fetch point with his fishing pole, a cool drink in his hand and his dog "Fetch" at his feet ... knowing that life is waiting for us to all take a big sip of Heaven's Great Blessings.